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Dueling conclusions on global methane flatness puzzle

From UC Irvine: UCI studies find different reasons for global methane riddle One cites less dependency on oil, the other new farming practices Irvine, Calif. – Two new UC Irvine papers reach markedly different conclusions about why methane, a highly … Continue reading

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Biases in Antarctic weather stations reported up to 10°C

This paper just published in the AMS Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology has some broad ramifications for the claim (Steig et al, covered here) that Antarctica is warming. It appears that the radiation shields used for automated weather stations … Continue reading

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Another round of questions for polar bear researcher

From National Public Radio Polar Bear Scientist Faces New Questions by Nell Greenfieldboyce A wildlife biologist is continuing to face questions about an influential paper he wrote on apparently drowned polar bears, with government investigators reportedly asking whether he improperly … Continue reading

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Seeds of life on Earth may have originated in space

NASA finds proof that amino acid components in meteorites originate in space. This is exciting news. NASA-funded researchers have evidence that some building blocks of DNA, the molecule that carries the genetic instructions for life, found in meteorites were likely … Continue reading

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Facebook feed feature enabled

Just a short good news housekeeping announcement. FINALLY, wordpress.com has enabled an automatic “publish to Facebook page” feature so I can get the WUWT Facebook page updated regularly.

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