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Antimatter belt discovered around Earth

This has been covered widely today, here is a sampling of stories and reference: From the BBC: Antimatter belt around Earth discovered by Pamela craft A thin band of antimatter particles called antiprotons enveloping the Earth has been spotted for … Continue reading

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Study: Severe low temperatures devastate coral reefs in Florida Keys – attributed to North Atlantic Oscillation

From the University of Georgia, Athens(UGA) Athens, Ga. – Increased seawater temperatures are known to be a leading cause of the decline of coral reefs all over the world. Now, researchers at the University of Georgia have found that extreme … Continue reading

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The polar bear poster that launched a thousand quips

Much has been made of the revelation that Charles Monnett is under suspension and investigation related to the issues swirling around drowned polar bears and dubious statistical license used to calculate mortality. I got a request from a reader to … Continue reading

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It’s official: Al Gore is a prophet

Tim Blair of the Telegraph catches this little slip, which is rather telling. He writes: Jeff Young interviews Maggie Fox, President and CEO of Al Gore’s latest scam, the Climate Reality Project:

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Climate and Early Asian Immigrants

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) has issued a new report (PDF) asserting that the Early Asian Immigrants (incorrectly referred to as “Native” Americans) are hit the hardest by “climate-induced weather extremes”. I’ll leave aside the … Continue reading

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Source of “hide the decline”? New paper finds that tree height shrinks with increased temperature

This new paper by Kempes et al published in the journal Plos One adds uncertainty to the already uncertain science of dendrochronology dendroclimatology and the attempts at tracking temperature from tree rings. According to this BBC story: They found that … Continue reading

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