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Australian government prepares for massive climate disruption

This film, being shown all throughout Australia, and now available here at WUWT shows what the Gillard government is doing to prepare for the worst unstoppable effects of climate change. It’s quite something. RealClimate has declined comment. About these ads

About these ads
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The Big Sky “drill baby drill” project – just another dry hole into which taxpayer money is sequestered

From Montana State University, news of a big drilling project, except this one produces nothing. MSU moves forward with U.S. Department of Energy backed carbon dioxide storage project in northern Montana Montana State University finalized negotiations with the U.S. Department … Continue reading

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Montana’s new big sky discovery – El Niño casts a wide net

From Montana State University  and the “weather is not climate” department: Montana State researcher discovers link between Montana weather, ocean near Peru BOZEMAN, Mont. – A Montana State University researcher who analyzed 100 years of data has found a significant … Continue reading

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Pat Michaels on aerosols, China coal, and lack of recent warming

The Current Wisdom: The Lack of Recent Warming and the State of Peer Review by Patrick J. Michaels Boston University’s Robert Kaufmann and colleagues recently published a paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences examining the causes … Continue reading

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Climate variability in East Africa & El Niño Southern Oscillation

From the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres  another reason why Mount Kialmanjaro isn’t controlled by CO2 as Al Gore and Lonnie Thompson think. La Ninas distant effects in East Africa Droughts and floods are remote-controlled climate effects 5 August … Continue reading

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The Emily Litella moment for climate science and CO2 ?

There is quite a bit of buzz surrounding a talk and pending paper from Prof. Murry Salby  the Chair of Climate, of Macquarie University. Aussie Jo Nova has excellent commentary, as has Andrew Bolt in his blog. I’m sure others … Continue reading

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