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Unique new building material self regulates heat

Scientific breakthrough: University invents heat-regulating building material In a major scientific breakthrough with important long-term environmental consequences, researchers at The University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) have developed a material that will cut the amount of energy a building uses … Continue reading

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Rasmussen poll: 69% Say It’s Likely Scientists Have Falsified Global Warming Research

From Rasmussen Reports, some bad news for Al Gore and the Hockey Team: The debate over global warming has intensified in recent weeks after a new NASA study was interpreted by skeptics to reveal that global warming is not man-made. … Continue reading

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Uh oh, CO2 actually reverses temperature effect on rangelands

The results of a USDA experiment called PHACE (Prairie Heating and CO2 Enrichment) where liquid CO2 is injected into the ground from a storage tank, then effects measure on grassland growth, shows a surprising result: increased range grass growth leading … Continue reading

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Sea Ice News: Arctic sea ice extent making a sharp right turn

Over the past few days, Arctic sea ice extent has braked dramatically in the daily loss rate and now has made a sharp right turn, which is rather unusual. Here’s the JAXA extent: And here is a close up view, … Continue reading

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