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Study: The Norwegian cyclone storm model is flawed

One of the most basic tenets of meteorology, The Norwegian Cyclone Model is getting a makeover. From the University of Manchester: Taking a fresh look at the weather Given the UK’s obsession with the weather, it would seem obvious that … Continue reading

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The tides, they are a changin!

From Oregon State University: Ancient tides different from today – some dramatically higher CORVALLIS, Ore. – The ebb and flow of the ocean tides, generally thought to be one of the most predictable forces on Earth, are actually quite variable … Continue reading

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Dam emissions, not so bad after all

From the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies Greenhouse gas impact of hydroelectric reservoirs downgraded Site design and location can minimize carbon dioxide, methane emissions An international team of scientists has amassed the largest data set to date on greenhouse gas … Continue reading

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Aerosol sat observations and climate models differ “by a factor of three to six”

From the University of Michigan something I think Dr. Roy Spencer will be interested in as it is yet another case where models and satellite observations differ significantly. See the figure S1 at the end of this article – Anthony … Continue reading

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