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Because being “green” is the first thing you think of when disaster happens

From Eurekalert, this inanity. What next, calls to reduce the beam power of NEXRAD weather radar systems so they are more “green”? I’m all for power efficiency in remote sensing, but leave it at that. Calling it “green” just sounds … Continue reading

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Mistaking Numerology for Math

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I always love seeing what Science magazine thinks is important. In their June 10th edition, in their “BY THE NUMBERS” section, they quote Nature Climate Change magazine, viz: 1,211,287  Square kilometers of ice road-accessible Arctic lands that … Continue reading

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Arlene – first tropical storm of the 2011 Hurricane season

First tropical storm of the 2011 Hurricane season, formed 28 days after the season started on June 1st. See it below. So far, rather disorganized. BULLETIN TROPICAL STORM ARLENE SPECIAL ADVISORY NUMBER   1 NWS NATIONAL HURRICANE CENTER MIAMI FL       AL012011 … Continue reading

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VVD (Dutch classical liberals) are fed up with Royal Met Office – ask for its dissolution

Hans Labohm writes in an email: Dear all, Pursuant to my earlier e-mail, I am sending you the translation of my posting on DDS. The posting has been published now on: http://www.dagelijksestandaard.nl/2011/06/ren%C3%A9-leegte-over-gevaren-klimaatverandering-voor-voedselveiligheid See the translation below. (Feel free to improve … Continue reading

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PIOMAS Arctic Sea Ice Volume Model Corrected – Still Appears Suspect

By WUWT regular “Just The Facts” It seems that the Pan-Arctic Ice Ocean Modeling and Assimilation System (PIOMAS) Arctic Sea Ice Volume Model that generated the highly suspect chart above has been corrected to “show reduced errors over the prior … Continue reading

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Bastardi on learning from the past

Joe publishes an essay in the  State College newspaper which Mann reads looking for anything that might question his hockey stick theory. – Anthony Can America Last? Only If We Use the Lessons of the Past by Joe Bastardi If … Continue reading

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More Evidence that Global Warming is a False Alarm

Roy Spencer writes on his website: NASA’s James Hansen is probably right about this point: the importance of ocean heat storage to a better understanding of how sensitive the climate system is to our greenhouse gas emissions. The more efficient … Continue reading

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