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Committee on Science, Space, and Technology sends IPCC a strong letter on their conflict of interest debacle

The plot thickens. Some parts of this letter are strongly worded. It is clear that there’s not much tolerance for the latest set of shenanigans from Pachauri. Steve McIntyre writes: Judy Curry draws attention to a letter from the Chairman … Continue reading

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New study – declining temperature and increasing sea ice, combined with lack of adaptation, caused Viking demise in Greenland

We’ve always suspected this for some time, as the MWP ended, they became isolated by the change in weather patterns as the climate turned colder. Nice to see it in a peer reviewed publication finally. From Wiley-Blackwell Did climate change … Continue reading

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Mann’s new sea level hockey stick paper

WUWT readers may recall yesterday where Dr. Mann was so eager to list this paper on his resume/CV, he broke the embargo set for 15:00 EST June 20th, today, at which time this blog post appears. As much as this … Continue reading

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Green revolt against geoengineering – letter to Pachauri

WUWT readers may recall this story on geoengineering on WUWT that referred to at the time as “batshit crazy“. It seems others in the green community agree. This Open letter to IPCC on geoengineering has had over 100 signatories, many … Continue reading

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Hansen’s “death train” argument denied as a “nuisance”

After all the caterwauling from Hansen about coal “death trains”, and his defense of criminal mischief at a power plant in the UK, this is a real “mud in your eye” moment and an affirmation that no one industry can … Continue reading

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Tipping points – easy come, easy go

Yesterday, I highlighted an alarming story from the University of Exeter and East Anglia that saw tipping points behind every rock and tree. Now today comes a peer reviewed study in Nature Geoscience that says no tipping points are expected from … Continue reading

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