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The wit and wisdom of ‘Real’ Climate scientist Dr. Ray Pierrehumbert

Over at Judith Curry’s place she draws attention to a comment left at Keith Kloor’s Collide-a-Scape by RealClimate founder Dr. Ray Pierrehumbert of the University of Chicago. At left is his photo direct from his department website. Along with the … Continue reading

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Friday Funny: Lynas in the trenches

Josh thinks AGW is a trench war, he might be right.

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Gamma ray flash was star swallowed whole by black hole

Yikes! What a way to go. One wonders if there were any planets around that star and if they may have contained life. We’ll never know. Black hole eats star, producing bright gamma-ray flash By Robert Sanders, Media Relations UC … Continue reading

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Trees show no rainfall pattern in last century

I’ve always said that trees are a better proxy for rainfall than temperature. Just looking at how trees cluster around water sources can tell you this. From the Hockeyschtick: New paper shows no increase in precipitation over past 105 years, … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week – bonus edition

Normally I have only one, but this has been an extraordinary week. Thanks to the conflict of interest so aptly and unashamedly demonstrated by the IPCC and Greenpeace, warmist Mark Lynas has publicly embraced “denialism”. Here’s his stunning statement:

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Easterbrook on the potential demise of sunspots

THE DEMISE OF SUNSPOTS—DEEP COOLING AHEAD? Don J. Easterbrook, Professor of Geology, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA The three studies released by NSO’s Solar Synoptic Network this week, predicting the virtual vanishing of sunspots for the next several decades and … Continue reading

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Leaked: smoke and mirror geoengineering ideas from the IPCC

Must be IPCC week. When it rains the stupid, it pours.  From the Telegraph: IPCC ‘considering sending mirrors to space to tackle climate change’ Reflective aerosols would be sent into space under a series of radical “geo-engineering” measures being considered … Continue reading

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