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I’ll never be able to eat Kobe beef again

Willis recently wrote about The Long View of Feeding the Planet and all I can say about this idea below is that it is too long wrong. But, this is exactly the sort of thing that some wacky eco-types would see … Continue reading

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John Coleman on the recent solar slump announcement

John Coleman, founder of the weather Channel and now at KUSI-TV in San Diego passes on this video which I’m passing on to WUWT readers.

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On The Hijacking of the American Meteorological Society (AMS)

Guest post by Bill Gray Professor Emeritus, Colorado State University (AMS Fellow, Charney Award recipient, and over 50-year member) June 2011 I am very disappointed at the downward path the AMS has been following for the last 10-15 years in … Continue reading

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The plot thickens – The IPCC and ideological green money-laundering

After the revelations yesterday of the latest IPCC self destructing FUBAR, we now have at Bishop Hill,  a guest post by Ben Pile. In it he outlines what he has found about the millions of Euros that are being spent … Continue reading

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Almost Friday Funny – IPCC’s renewable energy cycle

Josh is drawing in renewable circles over the recent IPCC flap.

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New peer reviewed study: Surge in North Atlantic hurricanes due to better detectors, not climate change

Told ya so, here From the American Geophysical Union weekly Journal Highlights: A spate of research has indicated there may be a link between climate change and the prevalence of North Atlantic tropical cyclones. Upon closer inspection, however, researchers have … Continue reading

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A blunder of staggering proportions by the IPCC

Steve McIntyre has uncovered a blunder on the part of Pachauri and the IPCC that is causing waves of doubt and calls for retooling on both sides of the debate. In a nutshell, the IPCC made yet another inflated claim … Continue reading

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