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Power grid cut worries flaring over solar flares

This is quite alarming, but as Dr. Leif Svalgaard explained in his email tip to me, “…in this case, probably justified”. Here’s the story from the Independent: About these ads

About these ads
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Chris Mooney must not be from Missouri

Kid blogger Chris Mooney (at left) often writes fascinating articles for their sheer single mindedness of purpose – making anyone who doubts AGW in even the slightest look like fools. I’ve been on the receiving end a few times but … Continue reading

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Climate change in UK schools – “we are taking it back to the core stuff”

From the Guardian, a hopeful situation for climate realists everywhere. Climate change should not be included in the national curriculum, the government adviser in charge of overhauling the school syllabus in England has said. Tim Oates, whose wide-ranging review of … Continue reading

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Rutgers on Coal vs. Nuclear

From Rutgers University press room: The Energy Debate: Coal vs. Nuclear Rutgers researcher finds factors other than global warming and potential for plant accidents figure into Americans’ preferences As America struggles down the road toward a coherent energy policy that … Continue reading

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Dramatic satellite images of the Ethiopian eruption

The MODIS/AQUA rapidfire website finally had a pass overhead online early this AM of the Ethiopian/Eritrean area volcanic eruption of Nabro, and I have them below. The plume stretches well over 1000 miles now. In the photo below, the Red … Continue reading

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The Chaos theoretic argument that undermines Climate Change modelling

Just to be clear ahead of time, chaos in weather is NOT the same as climate disruption listed below – Anthony Guest submission by Dr. Andy Edmonds This is not intended to be a scientific paper, but a discussion of … Continue reading

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And the hits keep coming: 80 million pages served

Guest post by Ric Werme I like to look at remaining trip lengths in terms of a fraction 1/n left to reach a goal. For example, in April WUWT was 3/4ths of the way to 100 million page views – … Continue reading

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Solar activity still driving in the slow lane

The sun seems not to be in cooperative mood again this month. It has gone blank again. And from SWPC, the brief upticks of April were not repeated in May:

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UK business poised to flee green carbon tax

From The GWPF, newsbytes on the subject of UK Businesses Threaten To Flee Abroad To Escape Green Energy Levies British industry’s ability to compete with companies overseas is under threat from punitive green energy costs, the new president of the … Continue reading

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