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Heat burst hits Wichita: 102 degrees at 1AM

Weather post by Ryan Maue Wichita, Kansas was hit with a thunderstorm induced “heat burst” early Thursday morning, with the temperature jumping from the mid-80s up to 102F after midnight! Wichita, KS  NWS Observations Wichita has now experienced the earliest … Continue reading

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Huge auroral display tonight and tomorrow

Submitted by Mike Hebb High speed particles in route- excuse the models. An event on the Sun occurred on the 7th of June. Prompt arrival of high speed particles has already affected the atmosphere. See video below:

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Alarmists refuse to take on skeptical geologists

By Tom Harris Anyone not already familiar with the stance of geologists towards the global warming scare would have been shocked by the conference at the University of Ottawa at the end of May. In contrast to most environmental science … Continue reading

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June 10th is Hug a Climate Scientist Day

Hal Jordan, via the Submit Story feature submits this brief entry: Apparently, Australian AGW advocates are not well liked. Aussie climate scientists need random hugs from strangers to reassure them that they aren’t universally hated.

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On The AMO+PDO Dataset

Bob Tisdale suggests that the way some folks have combined the PDO and AMO datasets t produce a new curve is wrong, and here is his supporting analysis. – Anthony Guest post by Bob Tisdale Including A Discussion Of Its … Continue reading

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Quote of the week – where the hockey pucks go

Dr. Bradley (of MBH98 hockey stick fame) really outdoes himself this time.

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The Climate Swoosh

by J Storrs Hall In my previous post, I argued that sea-surface temperatures hadn’t shown an inflection in the mid-twentieth century, and that the post-50′s rise was essently a land-based phenomenon. To take the analysis further, I thought I could … Continue reading

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Alarmist climate science and the principle of exclusion

AGW theorists are being misled by the principle of exclusion Story submitted by Paul Macrae In 1837, Charles Darwin presented a paper to the British Geological Society arguing that coral atolls were formed not on submerged volcanic craters, as argued … Continue reading

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