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UAH global temperature anomaly, up a bit in May

UAH Temperature Update for May, 2011: +0.13 deg. C By Dr. Roy Spencer Little Change from Last Month The global average lower tropospheric temperature anomaly for May, 2011 was just about the same as last month: up slightly to +0.13 … Continue reading

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Science Is Not Being Corrupted — Scientists Are

Story submitted by John Droz. Today I received an email from an editor, who was saying that “Science” depends on what your political persuasion is. I dispute that opinion and answered as follows — Briefly, what has happened is that: … Continue reading

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Green economic thinking: revenge not economics

Guest Post by Barry Woods TATA recently announced the loss of 1500 jobs in the steel industry in the UK, with the explanation that this was at least in part because of a price on carbon announced in the setting of Carbon Budgets which are … Continue reading

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Forget deforestation: The world’s woodland is getting denser and change could help combat climate change

Story idea submitted by Alexander Werner via the new “Submit Story” feature on the header menu. For years exponents of climate change theories have used images of deforestation to support their cause. Here is a 2007 story in The Independent … Continue reading

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Road opens way late due to massive snow

Where? Hint – somewhere in the USA details here:

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May 2011 Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Anomaly Update

by Bob Tisdale THE EAST PACIFIC VERSUS THE REST OF THE WORLD This month I’m going to start the update with the two graphs that represent the East Pacific and the Rest-Of-The-World Sea Surface Temperature (SST) anomalies. These datasets were … Continue reading

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Creating an AGW Quotation Collection

This seems like a good idea, and I’ll be happy to dedicate a page to it if readers help fill in. WUWT reader Charles Harrison  uses the new submit story feature (see header menu) to ask this:

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A demonstration of Chladni Patterns

Post submitted by John A. Readers of Climate Audit will have noted Steve McIntyre  mentioning Chladni patterns in respect to the results of some climate reconstructions which exhibit spacial autocorrelation – which means that the data points are related to … Continue reading

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British industry asks government to rethink climate policy

Some newsbytes from Dr. Benny Peiser at the GWPF At Last: UK Industry Demands Government Rethink On Unilateral Climate Policy The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) confirmed today that it will ask government to rethink conflicts of interest between low … Continue reading

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Update on the Thompsons and “smellgate”

Jo Nova has an update on this story that we have covered in detail here. Follow the link for the story: Breaking: Thompsons lose right to sue DEC; but Spencer gets a green light From Matt and Janet Thompson, a … Continue reading

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Where the plants are – new global fluorescence map

First-of-its-kind fluorescence map offers a new view of the world’s land plants Scientists from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., have produced groundbreaking global maps of land plant fluorescence, a difficult-to-detect reddish glow that leaves emit as a … Continue reading

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Further Evidence for my Thunderstorm Thermostat Hypothesis

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach For some time now I’ve been wondering what kind of new evidence I could come up with to add support to my Thunderstorm Thermostat hypothesis (q.v.). This is the idea that cumulus clouds and thunderstorms … Continue reading

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Australia! Say YES – to an election on carbon tax

Guest post by Ruth Bonnett In late 2010, I wrote about how bad science can give rise to bad policy.  My Christmas message to farmers in Australia and around the world: I am an urban dweller who just happens to … Continue reading

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