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But it Worked in the Simulation!

Perils of computer simulation of complex systems Story submitted by Ricky Seltzer John F. McGowan, Ph.D., writing on math-blog, describes the various ways in which breakthrough science can be misunderstood and miscalculated even by top-flight computer simulation.  (One example of … Continue reading

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Stop checking the facts: “Your Internet search has just helped kill the planet”

Guest post by Alec Rawls This could explain a few things. Greens are against searching for information. To save the planet, only follow safe links from Joe Romm, Andrew Revkin, John Cook and RealClimate. Searching bad. Vewwy vewwy bad: It … Continue reading

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Trees: sucking up the carbon

Higher density means world forests are capturing more carbon Forests in many regions are becoming larger carbon sinks thanks to higher density, U.S. and European researchers say in a new report. In Europe and North America, increased density significantly raised … Continue reading

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Warming 101 primer

Submitted by D.B. Stealey This article went viral when it was first published. Well worth reading: “Our planet has been slowly warming since last emerging from the “Little Ice Age” of the 17th century, often associated with the Maunder Minimum. … Continue reading

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Climate Modeling: “not always clear”

The previous story suggested that climate models predict with certainty “permanently hotter summers”. OK then, but in the same Eurekalert stream today, we have this release, where it seems they need to “prop up” the modeling, saying they “are not … Continue reading

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Another bold forecast – destined for “climate FAIL”

Here’s the headline from the press release today, which will undoubtedly be regurgitated worldwide: Stanford climate scientists forecast permanently hotter summers Oh gee, where have wee seen this before? It’s another example of model madness, and it fits in with … Continue reading

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Earth, fire, air, and water

Guest post by J Storrs Hall This is a reply and extension to Pat Frank’s “Earth Abides” post (sorry, couldn’t resist) which appeared here recently. The post features an intriguing interpretation of the temperature record to deduce climate sensitivity to … Continue reading

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