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Radar mapping reveals ancient Antarctic giant fjords

From the University of Texas at Austin New map reveals giant fjords beneath East Antarctic ice sheet Scientists from the U.S., U.K. and Australia have used ice-penetrating radar to create the first high- resolution topographic map of one of the … Continue reading

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Common Sense Added to Endangered Species List

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach As Anthony Watts highlighted, the recent paper in Nature (paywalled, reported here) on extinctions agreed with the main conclusion that I had established in my post “Where Are The Corpses“. The conclusion was that the … Continue reading

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Hurricane season starts today

From NASA Goddard- Atlantic hurricane season sticks to the calendar: System 93L NOTE: I’ve posted the most current image below, the system has already crossed the Florida peninsula and is now in the Gulf of Mexico – Anthony Hurricane season … Continue reading

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Climate craziness of the week: “ethics requires” linking tornadoes to climate change

Since this essay by Penn State’s Associate Professor Donald A. Brown is placed on a publicly funded university web server,  I’m repeating this in entirety here for discussion. Be sure to see what I found at the end. Why Ethics … Continue reading

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Greenland and AGW

Guest post by S Jay Porter In 891 AD. Eric The Red set off from Iceland with a few followers to explore a land to the west which they had probably spotted some time before while sailing out in their … Continue reading

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Old prediction may fit the present pattern

Jo Nova writes: Prediction: Warming trend until year 2000, then very cold. Visit Steven Goddard’s blog to read the full news story. Their work fits in reasonably well with the Syun Akasofu graph posted here for the world to see:

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