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Skeptic Strategy for Talking About Global Warming

Guest Post by Ira Glickstein What should a responsible Skeptic say to an astute audience? When recently invited by the “Technology, Engineering, and Science Plus” group in my community to give a talk and answer questions, I knew I would … Continue reading

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Hail and waterspouts in Australian coastal cities

Details and video here. Hail that covered the ground like snow along the Gold Coast, photo below:

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Kill It With Fire

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach The discussion of the 1998 Mann “Hockeystick” seems like it will never die. (The “Hockeystick” was Dr. Michael Mann’s famous graph showing flatline historical temperatures followed by a huge modern rise.) Claims of the Hockeystick’s … Continue reading

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The Washington Post produces a bigoted editorial against the public’s right to know

From JunkScience.com WashPost: Freedom of Information Act not for skeptics’ use by Steve Milloy In a bizarre Memorial Day editorial, the Washington Post criticized climate skeptics for using the Freedom of Information Act to pry documents concerning Climategater Michael Mann from … Continue reading

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New WUWT Oceanic Oscillation Page – With Link Tutorial

Introducing WUWT’s newest addition, the Oceanic Oscillation Page, which includes graphs and graphics,on Oceanic Oscillations including the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO), El Niño/La Niña and the Atlantic Multi-Decadal Oscillation (AMO). It was a struggle to find content for this page, … Continue reading

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Knee jerk energy policy

BBC – 30 May, 2011 Germany pledges to end all nuclear power by 2022 Germany’s ruling coalition says it has agreed a date of 2022 for the shutdown of all of its nuclear power plants.

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Memorial Day 2011 – America’s Finest Hours

On this Memorial Day, 2011 we of course honor and remember the men and women who gave so much to preserve our freedoms in this country. That path is the most common theme that people follow, and it is most … Continue reading

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