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Media accurately reporting links between climate change and tornadoes

Post by Ryan Maue We all pray for the survivors and victims of the tornado tragedy in Joplin. Headline story from USA-Today The mainstream print media has done an excellent job reporting on the disaster.  When asking questions about relationships … Continue reading

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The University of East Anglia – doing something useful for a change

When we hear “University of East Anglia” we automatically associate it with ClimateGate, Dr. Phil Jones, and the sorts of childish shenanigans recently reported by Bishop Hill where they break the FOIA law, again. But it is nice to know … Continue reading

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NOAA strives for scientific integrity

From their own press release here NOAA Scientific Integrity “Scientific integrity is at the core of conducting ethical science. By being open and honest about our science, we build understanding and trust. I pledged at the start of my tenure … Continue reading

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Scientific American’s interview with Dr. Richard Muller

Scientific American has an interview in “Science Talk” with Dr. Richard Muller, who is spokesman for the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) project. I enjoyed the photograph, particularly for the poster over his left shoulder in the background. Both Steve … Continue reading

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Some flights cancelled due to Iceland volcano

In our earlier coverage on the subject, we reported from a Xinhua story that: But scientists in Iceland believed that the new eruption in Grimsvotn could be small and would not lead to a repeat of the air travel chaos … Continue reading

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Little Ice Age thermometers – History and Reliability

This is an excerpt of a larger document by Tony Brown (Tony B on WUWT and other blogs) that he will be happy to make available. He writes: Some months ago I passed you a preliminary study of mine into … Continue reading

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Study on paleo rainfall records clearly shows existence of MWP and LIA in Southern Hemisphere

This study from the University of Pittsburgh and SUNY-Albany set out to illustrate how rainfall patterns changes with global temperature in South America. They found the link they were looking for. At the same time, they validated the existence of … Continue reading

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Value Adding in Australia – the Beginning of the End?

News Alert: Smelting and Refining of Mount Isa copper in Queensland to cease. Guest post by Viv Forbes The first industries of Australia were farming and mining and these two have been the backbone of the nation ever since. Both … Continue reading

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California’s global warming law gets court go-ahead – except for cap and trade

Time to get outta Dodge:

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