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NYC: denying the sea and Hansen’s sea level predictions

Reader John Smith writes in with this interesting photo essay. Dear Anthony – Back in November 2010 you did a post ( Freaking out about NYC sea level rise is easy to do when you don’t pay attention to history) about … Continue reading

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New study links cosmic rays to aerosols/cloud formation via solar magnetic activity modulation

From an Aarhus University press release: Scientists at Aarhus University (AU) and the National Space Institute (DTU Space) show that particles from space create cloud cover New input to the United Nations climate model: Ulrik Ingerslev Uggerhøj, Physics and Astronomy, … Continue reading

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Sudden Clovis climate death by comet – “bogus”

UPDATE 3/12/12 – a new study presents very strong evidence for the comet theory, see here Bishop Hill alerts us to this news item in Miller-McCune, a policy and research website. It seems the scientific claims can’t be replicated by … Continue reading

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CO2 increase is “like hitting our ecosystem with a sledge-hammer”

That comes from this statement in the press release: Professor Kennedy said that the doubling of the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere over the past 50 years is “like hitting our ecosystem with a sledge-hammer” Hmmm, you’d think … Continue reading

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Cold homes and energy poverty

While this paper makes some good points about fuel poverty and energy cost, they bit hook line and sinker the ridiculous recent claim of Super exponential accelerating CO2 growth and cited it as a reference – Anthony The health impacts … Continue reading

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