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Comments on the American Physical Society Report on Direct Air Capture of CO2

I try to give equal access to those who want to comment professionally on reports here, here is one such example. This is commentary on the WUWT story Princeton: Direct removal of carbon dioxide from air likely not viable – Anthony … Continue reading

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Measuring rain the easy way: using an automatic logging rain gauge

A few days ago I mentioned John Neilsen Gammon’s post about The other half of the USHCN network – precipitation In that post I had a picture of the standard rain gauge used by Cooperative weather observers in the USA, shown … Continue reading

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Technical paper training for “Hansen’s Bulldog”

Bob Tisdale responds to Grant Foster aka “Tamino”, self proclaimed “Hansen’s Bulldog” (now oddly deleted but available at the Wayback machine via this link). The difference between Mr. Tisdale and Mr. Foster is that Mr. Tisdale doesn’t need to resort … Continue reading

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NCDC cites “controversy” with the UAH temperature record, and the search for a “true climate signal”

This article in the January/February edition of WIRES Climate Change doesn’t surprise me at all. With the uncertainty of the surface temperature record in question, the Met Office’s Peter Thorne and NCDC’s Tom Peterson, who once wrote a ghost authored … Continue reading

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Curiosity in the desert

It is not often we see perfect triangles in the desert from space. Anybody know what this is?

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