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We’ve heard this before

National Academy of Sciences : Action needed to manage climate change risks — new report WASHINGTON — Warning that the risk of dangerous climate change impacts is growing with every ton of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere, a National … Continue reading

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Potential Agricultural Impact of the Eddy Minimum

Guest post by David Archibald I will be giving a lecture in Washington in early June on my way through to the Bahamas. Following are the slides that pertain to the agricultural impact of the current de Vries cycle event … Continue reading

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The surfacestations paper – statistics primer

Fall et al. 2011: The Statistics By John Neilsen-Gammon (from his blog Climate Abyss – be sure to bookmark it, highly recommended – Anthony) As I mentioned in my last post, I did a lot of the statistical analysis in … Continue reading

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The SmartMeter backfiring privacy issue

The promise was to help you control your electricity bill by becoming more aware of your energy use. The downside is that with the data gathered, other people and businesses can also become more aware of your habits, like when … Continue reading

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Another cloudy-maybe geoengineering scheme

UGA scientists find missing links in biology of cloud formation over oceans UGA News Service Scientists have known for two decades that sulfur compounds that are produced by bacterioplankton as they consume decaying algae in the ocean cycle through two … Continue reading

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