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Ultimate bug repellant may help fight malaria and other insect borne diseases

From Vanderbilt University, scientific serendipity swats smell: New insect repellant may be thousands of times stronger than DEET by David Salisbury Imagine an insect repellant that not only is thousands of times more effective than DEET – the active ingredient … Continue reading

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UAH global temperature anomaly – up in April

As La Niña fades, this is not surprising. Dr. Roy Spencer is back at work and reports the new lower troposphere number. Note also the global sea surface temperature graph below, which is quite interesting. I’m sure Bob Tisdale will … Continue reading

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This is the five thousandth published post on WUWT, since this is a computer written blog, publishing the number in binary seemed appropos. 1388 for you hexadecimal fans. I don’t have anything profound to say. It is just a number, … Continue reading

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Latest solar cycle update from the Space Weather Prediction Center

SWPC updated their solar cycle progression page…looks like the levels have held since the big uptick in March.

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Failing to make his case, James Hansen uses children as legal pawns

From LiveScience, another reason for NASA to fire Jame Hansen now: Here’s the basis for his actions in a nutshell:

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The Magic Cookpot

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach This one is for fun and also for real. The theme of this post is “There’s never enough time.” I worked in the villages of the developing world off and on for a number of … Continue reading

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New solar reconstruction paper suggests 6x greater solar forcing change than cited by the IPCC

This is interesting. This recent paper published in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics here has done a reconstruction of TSI using Beryllium 10 isotope records combined with sunspot records. The paper suggests that the Total Solar Irradiance (TSI) has increased since … Continue reading

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