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Australia’s carbon tax losing public opinion big time

It seems Australians are waking up to the folly of a carbon tax. I’m sure Mr. Flannery’s quote of the millenium helped bunches. However the sheer pig-headedness of PM Julia Gillard, who lied about not seeking a carbon tax to … Continue reading

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Submissions needed

I know there are those of you that have hard drives full of potential submissions. Help me out here…

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How to make your PC run at 7.1 Gigahertz

As many know, I do some tinkering with computers. While this isn’t my doings, I enjoyed it and thought you might too. Here’s the screencap of the CPU speed program, note the red underline. I got a chuckle out of … Continue reading

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Quote of the week – climate catastrophe deja vu all over again

With apologies to the late great Yogi Berra, who surely would have something to say about this climate inanity, and via Bishop Hill, we have this reminder of the ghost of alarmism past: Sir John Houghton once famously said: Unless we … Continue reading

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Johns Hopkins succumbs to heat wave mania

From Johns Hopkins/Bloomberg School of Health, where they apparently haven’t looked at this data before writing a worrying scare story. The simple fact is, record high temperatures are simply not on the increase. Lots more analysis on the extremes of … Continue reading

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