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Deep fried flying

I’ve never much thought there was much usefulness to waste vegetable oil used for automobile fuel, as there is a much more finite amount of waste frying oil available compared to petroleum. Ditto for chicken fat powered aviation. Would you … Continue reading

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Wakey wakey

CU-Boulder leading study of wind turbine wakes A turbine at the National Wind Technology Center south of Boulder, Colo. (photo courtesy of CIRES) While wind turbines primarily are a source of renewable energy, they also produce wakes of invisible ripples … Continue reading

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EPA abuses the permit process for an icebreaker

Jeez Louise. They may need an icebreaker for the project, and so since they didn’t account for its exhaust, let’s scuttle the whole thing and the 4 billion invested so far.  I’m no fan of Shell, but this is just … Continue reading

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The climate sensitivity and the surface temperature record question – answers from major players

Dr. Roger Pielke Senior posted this today, since he has no comments on his blog, I felt it would be good to repost it here to allow discussion – Anthony Repost Of Weblog Climatequotes.com “Climate Scientists Answer Question: Should Climate … Continue reading

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Quote of the week – Note to UEA and CRU: get a clue

You’d think that after all the pain and suffering caused by Climategate to the University of East Anglia and the Climate Research Unit, these guys would have a clue. You’d think that they’d want to get the monkey off their … Continue reading

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