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Upcoming Anonymous Poll on Anonymity

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Why do people not sign their own names to what they write on the internet, and in particular on this blog? I thought I’d ask people this in the form of an anonymous poll. But … Continue reading

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On ocean heat content, Pinatubo, Hansen, Bulldogs, cherrypicking and all that

Self proclaimed “Hansen’s Bulldog” (now oddly deleted but available at the Wayback machine via this link), the blogger known as “Tamino” loves to bloviate his views about imagined cherrypicking whenever he thinks we aren’t showing everything we are supposed to, … Continue reading

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Clouds, radiative forcing, and climate models – still tweaking

As most readers know, clouds are still poorly understood and under-represented in climate models. This new research may help. From: DOE/Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Effect of cloud-scattered sunlight on earth’s energy balance depends on wavelength of light Accounting for wavelength … Continue reading

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Easter Blizzard in the Northeastern US, Global Warming to Blame?

From the “weather is not climate” department, post by Mike Lorrey: I woke up today to find a couple inches of snow accumulating on my deck, and was thinking about setting up a nice picture there with some of the … Continue reading

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Tornado hits St. Louis airport

The airport is closed due to damages. Video follows.

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New mystery appliance is the antithesis of the green dream

What sort of new appliance is so hip, so cool, so stylish, so sophisticated, so much a work of art…that you’d put it in your glass penthouse living room, so that you could impress your hot model girlfriend? Don’t look … Continue reading

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