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Overstretching Attribution (Nature Climate Change)

Guest Post by Ira Glickstein VOL 1 NO 1 of a new journal, Nature Climate Change, arrived in my mailbox today. While clearly in the Warmist camp, it was refreshing to read the first paper Overstretching attribution. It starts off … Continue reading

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Friday Funny: F-word Fusillade by Michael Tobis

Lucia sums up the preparations as: It’s happy hour. I say pour yourself a beer and toast St. Barbara as you admire this most recent barrage of artillery launched by MT, the climate communications cannoneer that just can’t stop launching … Continue reading

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Failed Mirth Earth Day predictions

Via iHateTheMedia, here are a few of the predictions made on the first Earth Day. Don’t these sound like the predictions today that fail, like the 50 million climate refugees by 2010 followed by the moving of the goalposts to … Continue reading

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It’s probably nothing*

Tom Nelson points out these three related items. It seems the “pretty good proxy for climate change” is proxying the wrong message this year. Overheated Arctic update: Nenana ice was gone by this date in 1940, but still 41 inches … Continue reading

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Nisbett’s war

This row isn’t something I’ve covered yet on WUWT, and I’ve generally stayed out of the fight going on between Nisbett and Mann’s best friend, but I thought Nisbett’s rebuttal article linked below deserved the wider audience WUWT can provide. … Continue reading

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Comments on the Testimony of Dr. Richard Somerville

Written by Paul C. Knappenberger

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New study: Earth may be able to recover from rising carbon dioxide emissions faster than previously thought

That’s the good news. The bad news is that they think it will take 30,000-40,000 years, even though they “don’t know exactly where this carbon went” (their own words from the press release) in their model. Isn’t it great when … Continue reading

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ICCC6 June 30th – July 1st 2011

Register early for the best rate. Yes I will be there, and AFAIK, so will Steve McIntyre. Details:

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