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Mars has dramatic carbon dioxide atmospheric shifts

Of note: “Unlike Earth, which has a thick, moist atmosphere that produces a strong greenhouse effect, Mars’ atmosphere is too thin and dry to produce as strong a greenhouse effect as Earth’s, even when you double its carbon-dioxide content.” NASA … Continue reading

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RGGI news: DE wants out, PA doesn’t want in, NH & NJ making progress

(Aside to non-USA readers: my apologies for all the two character state abbreviations, especially NH which here does not mean Northern Hemisphere! RGGI is our Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a Cap and Trade program in the northeast USA.) I wasn’t … Continue reading

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Ozone hole “…caused a great deal of the climate change that’s been observed”

Columbia engineering study links ozone hole to climate change all the way to the equator First time that ozone depletion is shown to impact the entire circulation of the southern hemisphere In a study to be published in the April … Continue reading

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NASA’s Hansen thinks sea level rise will be accelerating – I think not, offering a new paper and updated story on Hansen to show why

Dr. James Hansen, NASA scientist, advocate, and protestor with a rap sheet released a new paper (non peer reviewed) on his website recently. A video report follows. The paper is titled: Earth’s Energy Imbalance and Implications (click for PDF) Here’s … Continue reading

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Kilwa Kisiwani Gereza

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I love African names. I mean, could there be a more euphonious name than “Dikembe Mutumbo”? That’s just poetry. In any case, this post is about a place charmingly yclept “Kilwa Kisiwani Gereza”. It seems it’s … Continue reading

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657 new islands discovered by satellite imagery. Of course, they are immediately declared threatened by sea level rise

From  LiveScience.com Here’s something you don’t see every day — hundreds of new islands have been discovered around the world. The Earth has 657 more barrier islands than previously thought, according to a new global survey by researchers from Duke … Continue reading

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