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The current US drought is not a surprise.

Guest post by David Archibald A large part of the US is currently in drought. A recent paper by Springer et al – “Solar forcing of Holocene droughts in a stalagmite record from West Virginia in east central North America” … Continue reading

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Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup

Quote of the Week: “EPA determined in December 2009 that climate change caused by emissions of greenhouse gases threatens the public’s health and the environment.” EPA “Denial of Petitions…” (Emphasis added) Number of the Week: 22 THIS WEEK: By Ken … Continue reading

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Doing it yourself – the latest unsmoothed global sea level data from JASON shows a sharp downtick and slight downtrend

UPDATE: Tamino weighs in, see the update at the end of this post. – One of the great things about WUWT is that it attracts commenters with a wide range of skill sets, who can often contribute far and beyond … Continue reading

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Atmospheric audio ducting

Amateur radio operators are very familiar with atmospheric ducting or “skip” as we call it, which (with the help of the ionosphere when the sun is cooperative) enables some very long distance radio communications well beyond line of sight. The … Continue reading

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