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Second BEST

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Professor Muller of the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) project is always interesting, but he just keeps digging his personal hole deeper. He recently gave an interview titled “Scientists Often Pigeonholed By Political Debates” and answered questions … Continue reading

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Adventures in journalism: from llama fish to carbon neutral bras

Louise Gray, who wrote this amazing piece of journalism in the Telegraph the other day… Fish carried up a mountain on backs of llamas to escape global warming …has boobed given us yet another story worthy of discussion here. The … Continue reading

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Stockwell asks: Is the Atmosphere Still Warming?

Guest post by Dr. David Stockwell I suspect that the only really convincing evidence against global warming is a sustained period of no global warming or cooling — climate sensitivity and feedbacks are too esoteric. I have followed the recent … Continue reading

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Socialists of the World Unite for Youth Climate Conference

Guest Post by Ryan Maue: Starting Friday, April 15 in Washington DC, we will be able to witness an absolutely surreal public display of anti-capitalist, extreme far-left community organizing, all wrapped in the cloak of climate change / clean energy … Continue reading

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Final words on the 2010 Russian heat wave from AGU: weather, predictable

The map above, from the NASA Earth Observatory Picture of the Day website, shows how the temperature on July 27 departed from the 2000 to 2008 average. Download large image (1 MB, JPEG) Deadly 2010 Russian heat wave: Not from climate … Continue reading

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George Mason University “Climate Change Communicator of the Year” – where only one viewpoint is allowed

Heh, what can you say? Read some of the glowing nominations at the links below. It’s pure self aggrandizement wrapped in a delusional comedy. I got the biggest chuckle from seeing skepticalscience.com listed as an “organization”. Mike Mann’s nomination letter … Continue reading

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Caltrans abandons weather, embraces “climate change” as the reason for washed out roads

I just finished reading: Turning a More Vivid Shade of Green: Caltrans Takes a Stand on Climate Change, Global Warming from the Caltrans website. The road sign below (from this online sign generator) rather sums up what the essay says … Continue reading

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