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One data set discontinued, NCDC to offer free daily data access to another

I’m not sure what the motivation for this is, none was given in the announcement. The historical data contained in the 3200 directory will remain on ftp3 for a limited time. This mirrors the removal of other datasets, such as … Continue reading

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Pielke Senior: Climate Science Myths & Misconceptions

Climate Science Myths And Misconceptions – Post #1 On The Global Annual Average Surface Temperature Trend By Dr. Roger Pielke Senior There are a remarkable number of myths and misconceptions about climate science. In a set of upcoming posts in the coming weeks starting … Continue reading

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A headline I thought I’d never see

It seems that the media down under is turning on newly appointed climate change commissioner Tim Flannery and his ideas. We need a Flannery FAIL blog to keep track of all of these. Have a look:

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Steig on Antarctic warming: “Rossby wave trains”

From the University of Washington, comes this upcoming paper by corresponding author Dr. Eric Steig (and co-authors)that the mechanism for warming of the Antarctic Peninsula is mostly weather pattern driven. The mechanism cited? “Rossby Wave Train” aka the circumpolar vortex … Continue reading

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Satellite-Era Sea Surface Temperature Versus IPCC Hindcast/Projections – Part 1

Guest post by Bob Tisdale GLOBAL AND PACIFIC OCEAN SEA SURFACE TEMPERATURE OVERVIEW This series of posts examines the differences between multi-model mean of the IPCC 20C3M (Hindcast)/SRES A1B (Projection) data and the Reynolds OI.v2 Sea Surface Temperature (SST) anomalies, … Continue reading

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New gasoline engine design has 4x efficiency of pistons

This looks promising. It is basically a continuous combustion wave turbine. While not super powerful in this early design and not intended to replace a V-8 it can be brought to market for a hybrid vehicle application soon, according to … Continue reading

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