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What’s delaying UC sea level data from being updated?

The University of Colorado at Boulder releases satellite based altimetry of sea level change several times a year. This graph below is dated December 15th according to the image timestamp. If the previous schedule is any indication, they are now … Continue reading

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The Nuclear Winter of our Discontent

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Anthony recently discussed a recent paper called “The Role of Atmospheric Nuclear Explosions on the Stagnation of Global Warming in the Mid 20th Century”  (PDF, author’s version). It advances the claim that nuclear tests changed the … Continue reading

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Climate Change: Bigger health threat than AIDS, malaria

UPDATE: Holy moly. Dr. Richard North over at the EU Referendum points to this, (screencap below) which makes Ric’s article (further below) look tame. Add this to what’s going on in the AMA, and it looks like a effort to … Continue reading

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Warming or Cooling? Heads or Tails?

At left, Two Headed Quarter from Doublesidedcoins.com This article, originally published in the Wall Street Journal, is now republished here, with the author’s permission, using his website post. Mathematician Doug Keenan (in so many words) rhetorically asks the question: “Are … Continue reading

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Energy content, the heat is on: atmosphere -vs- ocean

Jeff wrote to me with this article which visually illustrates his point quite well. Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. has given his take on it here, saying: The post on The Air Vent is worth adding to the reasoning why we … Continue reading

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Whoa, windfarms in UK operate well below advertised efficiency

It’s damning, and published by a green group. The study cited by the BBC is from the John Muir trust of all places. This would be a good place to point out what I posted a few days ago: The … Continue reading

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Stratospheric water vapor may have contributed about a third of the warming 1980-2000 but now is in decline

Don’t Ignore Nature From the Global Warming Policy Foundation by Dr. David Whitehouse How many times have you seen, read or heard some climate ‘expert’ or other say that mankind’s greenhouse gas emissions are largely responsible for the unprecedented warming … Continue reading

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Icelandic volcano exonerated for harsh winter of 1783–1784

From AGU’s Geophysical Research Letters:   In June 1783 the Laki volcano in Iceland began to erupt, and continued erupting for months, causing a major environmental disaster. The eruption spewed out toxic sulfuric acid aerosols, which spread over northern latitudes … Continue reading

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The Climate Change Blues

Via Eurekalert, and from the “Department of Population Color Doppler Shift”, comes this story of the bluing. Next comes the violet. After that, well, I don’t even want to talk about it…   Published in the Journal of Animal Ecology … Continue reading

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