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Leaked document shows how Australian government planned to “sell the idea of a carbon dioxide tax to the public”

Professor Bob Carter writes: A rather remarkable thing happened in Australia last week, which was the leaking of an internal government document issued to all Labor MPs (probably from the PM Gillard’s office) with 16 pages of suggestions as to … Continue reading

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Science has been sitting on his critique of Dessler’s paper for months”

On Recent Criticisms of My Research By Dr. Roy Spencer One of the downsides of going against the supposed “consensus of scientists” on global warming — other than great difficulty in getting your research funded and published — is that … Continue reading

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UHI, this is London

Since BEST claims they will work to take UHI into consideration, it seems worthwhile to highlight this new paper. Guess who’s a co-author? Phil Jones of UEA’s CRU. Image above from Arizona State, Center for Environmental Science Applications (CESA). From … Continue reading

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Better Living Through Electricity

Power for the people You cannot champion the poor, but support anti-energy policies that perpetuate poverty Guest post by Paul Driessen In a scene reminiscent of Colonial Williamsburg, for 16 years Thabo Molubi and his partner had made furniture in … Continue reading

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