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Giant 7 megawatt sea fan announced

New from Vestas, the company that gives you roto-splode: …comes this super gnarly giant sea wind turbine. No, not an April fools post. Here’s the details from Vestas: About these ads

About these ads
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Declining rainfall, bugs, and birds

Via Eurekalert Smithsonian scientists find declining rainfall is a major influence for migrating birds Instinct and the annual increase of daylight hours have long been thought to be the triggers for birds to begin their spring migration. Scientists at the … Continue reading

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15 years

Happy Birthday, JunkScience.com!

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Pielke Sr. on the Muller testimony

Comments On The Testimony Of Richard Muller At the United States House Of Representatives Committee On Science, Space And Technology By Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. First, as posted on my son’s weblog in Global Temperature Trends the global temperature anomaly … Continue reading

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Washing the lions

I had planned quite an entertaining and elaborate April Fools post this year, on par with the one I did last year. Given what happened yesterday in Congress, I think we’ve seen enough tomfoolery. But more importantly, is the fact … Continue reading

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