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California governor to declare end to drought

Table from Department of Water Resources (DWR) here Governor to Declare End of Drought By Nicole Garcia KMPH TV, Fresno. Fresno –  Thanks to our wetter than normal winter, Governor Jerry Brown is set to declare an end to California’s … Continue reading

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The greens worst nightmare? A CO2 to Oil process

From the University of Minnesota: U of M researchers close in on technology for making renewable “petroleum” using bacteria, sunlight and carbon dioxide MINNEAPOLIS / ST. PAUL (03/23/2011) —University of Minnesota researchers are a key step closer to making renewable … Continue reading

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MESSENGER Sends Back First Image of Mercury from Orbit

And it looks a lot like our moon…below is an artists rendition, and below the “Continue reading…” line is the actual image. From the MESSENGER website: Early this morning, at 5:20 am EDT, MESSENGER captured this historic image of Mercury. … Continue reading

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Communicating uncertain climate risks

Note to NSF: It isn’t the method of communication, it’s the message itself. See the latest Gallup Poll to see how global warming aka climate change has come in dead last for environmental concerns. From the National Science Foundation In … Continue reading

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A new form of hydroelectric power – no dam needed

From Stanford University: A unique idea that has great potential (pun intended). The only catch is that availability and quality of fresh water is one of the biggest environmental concerns now, way ahead of global warming. Stanford researchers use river … Continue reading

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Record Snow in Sierra – Near 200% of normal at Boreal Ski resort

“Milder winter temperatures will decrease heavy snowstorms,” says the IPCC in 2001. Recent snows suggest much for AGW induced snow worries, but still the hype continues: “Heavy snowstorms are not inconsistent with a warming planet,” said Jeff Masters, director of … Continue reading

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Here, let me fix that headline for you

Deadly collision? Really? This must be before they remove all the automobiles from London per the recent edict from the EU/EC. The author must have suffered through too many “BBQ summer” heat waves in the London tube. Here’s more:

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Tuesday Titter

Scott Adams says through Dilbert what we have all been thinking lately…

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Visualizing the “Greenhouse Effect” – Molecules and Photons

Guest Post by Ira Glickstein This series began with a mechanical analogy for the Atmospheric “Greenhouse Effect” and progressed a bit more deeply into Atmospheric Windows and Emission Spectra. In this posting, we consider the interaction between air molecules, including … Continue reading

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