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Energy sucking illuminated wind turbine may be torn down to make way for a coal loader

Oh the irony… First, a flashback from  June 18, 2010: I was in Newcastle, NSW AU on Wednesday night to give another lecture as part of the Australian speaking tour I’m doing. I had the pleasure of following David Stockwell … Continue reading

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No joke: Air Force actually creates supercomputer from Playstations

We’ve routinely joked in the past about “playstation® Climatology”, a phrase coined by JunkScience.com a few years back in response to the constant barrage of model output from supercomputers worldwide that forecast doom and gloom ahead for the human condition … Continue reading

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New paleo paper shows solar impact on past temperatures

From C3 headlines – Scientists Say Norwegian Sea Research Confirms Large, Robust Solar Impact On Temperatures Read here. Map source here. (click on image to enlarge) There are multiple factors that affect both regional and global temperatures, but the most … Continue reading

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Climate Craziness of the Week: IPCC’s Pachauri claims 17cm of sea level rise made the Tsunami worse, but let’s check

From this article in The Hindu: (h/t to WUWT reader Adam Gallon) “In the 20th century, sea-level rise was recorded at an average of 17 centimetres. If the sea-level was significantly lower, clearly the same tsunami would have had a … Continue reading

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Not Whether, but How to Do The Math

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach The Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) team is making a new global climate temperature record. Hopefully this will give us a better handle on what’s going on with the temperature. BEST has put out a … Continue reading

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Photos: No Carbon Tax rally in Australia

From the Facebook account of Ruth Bonnett, these photos taken March 23rd in Brisbane, QLD Link to interactive album below:

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