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Good news from Japan: Situation ‘fairly stable’, says IAEA

IAEA= International Atomic Energy Agency – update here Story below from the Register: The situation at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear powerplant in Japan, badly damaged during the extremely severe earthquake and tsunami there a week ago, continues to stabilise. It … Continue reading

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“You’re Not Allowed to Do This in Science”

Dr. Richard Muller calls out the “hide the decline” aka “Mike’s Nature Trick” on this YouTube video of a presentation he gave.

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Stratospheric water vapor at Boulder up slightly in 30 years

Via press release from the AGU: Stratospheric water vapor increase at Colorado site Water vapor in the atmosphere is responsible for a significant portion of the greenhouse effect, and even small changes in the upper troposphere or lower stratosphere can … Continue reading

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First articles online at the new “Nature Climate Change”

Well, at least they established a standard early on… Lest you think you have to drill down to find this, here’s the front page:

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New IPCC lead author, one word: strange

And you thought railroad engineer Pachauri was odd… Donna Laframboise of “No Frakking Consensus” does some digging, and what she turns up about the new IPCC lead author is to say the least, strange. Some excerpts: In 1994, Kovats was … Continue reading

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Friday funny? Google to take on climate skeptics

I’m not sure whether to laugh or not, but is this just one more reason to use Bing as a search engine without a climate agenda? Maybe we should make it the official search engine of climate skeptics worldwide? Full … Continue reading

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Nuke Tsunami Makes Clean Coal Look Better

Guest Post by Ira Glickstein The recent Japanese earthquake and tsunami, which shut down several reactors at the Fukushima Dai-ichi complex in northeastern Japan, followed by a failure of the backup cooling systems that resulted in hydrogen gas explosions and … Continue reading

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MESSENGER Begins Historic Orbit Around Mercury

NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft successfully achieved orbit around Mercury at approximately 9 p.m. EDT Thursday. This marks the first time a spacecraft has accomplished this engineering and scientific milestone at our solar system’s innermost planet. For the next several weeks, APL … Continue reading

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Why a “Revenue Neutral” Energy Tax Isn’t

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Over at her excellent blog, Judith Curry is hosting a discussion that in part is about “revenue-neutral” carbon (in reality energy) taxes. This is another example of where being a generalist is an advantage. I’ve … Continue reading

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