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The IPCC, 1990: “Detection of the Greenhouse Effect in Observations” – at odds with the 1988 Senate testimony of Dr. James Hansen?

I’m rather tired still from my trip, and so I don’t have the energy to get into a detailed read and analysis of this document which was posted up on the IPCC website just 14 hours ago. This is the … Continue reading

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Live real-time monitoring map of radiation counts in the USA

As many know, I’m a big fan of citizen science. There’s much that can be contributed by the layman that the government often cannot or will not do. Since many people seem to be worried about nuclear fallout from Japan’s … Continue reading

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In light of radiation fears, I offer this repost

Going bananas over radiation With all the worries over radiation leaks from Japan, and hoarding of Potassium Iodide tablets, I thought it valuable to repost a link to this story from last month which was very popular.

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Not Evil, Just Destructive

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Well, the Joe Romm saga continues. He’s been discussing the paper “Evidence for super-exponentially accelerating atmospheric carbon dioxide growth“.  After I pointed out the problems with the paper’s ludicrous claims about population, Joe pulled his … Continue reading

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Tisdale: update on ocean heat content

October to December 2010 NODC Ocean Heat Content (0-700Meters) Update and Comments Guest post by Bob Tisdale INTRODUCTION The National Oceanographic Data Center’s Ocean Heat Content (OHC) data for the depths of 0-700 meters are available through the KNMI Climate … Continue reading

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Newsbytes: The Energy No-Fly Zone

From the Global Warming Policy Foundation The world is about to enter a no-fly zone for energy policy, a period where nothing gets off the ground. Here we have a globalized economic system filled with unprecedented energy options, but where … Continue reading

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Earth Hour: a dissent

I thought this essay deserved a wider audience. I have added some paragraphing to aid readability but changed not a word. Reprinted with permission. – John A The whole mentality around Earth Hour demonizes electricity. I cannot do that, instead … Continue reading

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Not Evil, Just Romm

UPDATE: Romm at CP makes some significant concessions to error with additions, but can’t bring himself to mention WUWT, credit Willis, or allow any commenters to do so either. He has been “disappearing” critical comments as evidenced by our own … Continue reading

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JPL: Japan Quake May Have Shortened Earth Days, Moved Axis

From NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab: The March 11, magnitude 9.0 earthquake in Japan may have shortened the length of each Earth day and shifted its axis. But don’t worry-you won’t notice the difference. Using a United States Geological Survey estimate … Continue reading

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