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It Was The Worst of The Times

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I did jail time in the Sixties for a peaceful sit-in against the Vietnam War. So (as with many things) my understanding of the issues involved in what may be termed “civil disobedience” is eminently … Continue reading

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Nuclear meltdown: race to save reactors in Japan

Pick a number, and that reactor is described as being near a meltdown.  The news coverage coming out of Japan is even more confused when American media deciphers it.  Hopefully hard facts come in soon… Meltdown occurred according to Nuclear … Continue reading

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Tisdale on ENSO step changes in RSS global temperature data

RSS MSU TLT Anomalies February 2011 Update and A Look At Version 3.3 FEBRUARY 2011 UPDATE RSS TLT anomalies continue to drop in response to the 2010/2011 La Niña. RSS MSU TLT anomalies are now at 0.051 deg C, Figure … Continue reading

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New commission confronts threats to food security from ‘climate change’

Yeah, like they can do anything about it. Here’s an idea. How about more CO2 and less grain use for ethanol and other biofuels? CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security Experts from 6 continents are set … Continue reading

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