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National Weather Service Union warns people will die because of budget cuts

Update: Senator Harry Reid laments the loss of the “Cowboy Poetry Festival” due to federal budget cuts.  Seems that there is indeed some fat to be cut from the proposed $3.7 trillion budget. The National Weather Service Employees Organization needs … Continue reading

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To Serve Mann

Breaking: Mann and Wahl have responded. See updates below. 3/9 12:45 PM Pacific Time. This story is now updated to be consistent with Mann and Wahl’s response: By Steven Mosher and charles the moderator Sources confirm that a federal inspector … Continue reading

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Models All The Way Down

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach A learned man was arguing with a rube named Nasruddin. The learned man asked “What holds up the Earth?” Nasruddin said “It sits on the back of a giant turtle.” The learned man knew he … Continue reading

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East Antarctic Ice Sheet getting thicker from underneath

From AAAS online: Widespread Persistent Thickening of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet by Freezing from the Base Abstract An International Polar Year aerogeophysical investigation of the high interior of East Antarctica reveals widespread freeze-on that drives significant mass redistribution at … Continue reading

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