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Upcoming: Spectator Global Warming Debate

The Spectator Debate, Royal Geographical Society, London, 29 March 2011 sponsored by: Details: About these ads

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More on ARKstorm

I covered this earlier in a post here.  Atmospheric Rivers can cause this sort of pattern, read more about them here. If the goal of press releases like this one from USC and the ones from USGS is to scare … Continue reading

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Helmut Schmidt calls for IPCC inquiry

by Bob Carter (originally published on Quadrant Online) Former German Chancellor demands IPCC inquiry Helmut Schmidt, the respected former Chancellor of Germany, has told an audience at the Max-Plank-Gesellschaft that a full inquiry needs to be held into the credibility … Continue reading

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Climate ugliness gets personal

From World Net Daily(not the tabloid site World News Daily), with h/t to Green Hell Blog, something that if proven is quite disturbing. Yet given the kind of treatment I’ve recently received at the hands of an eco-zealot who can’t … Continue reading

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Climate Battle on Capitol Hill: skeptics get a seat

House climate science showdown set By Ben Geman – The Hill E2 wire A House Energy and Commerce Committee panel will wade into climate science Tuesday against the backdrop of accelerating GOP efforts to scuttle Environmental Protection Agency regulation of … Continue reading

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Oklahoma tech scenery

One of the most interesting things around here is the hi-tech/low-tech  scenery. For example, where else can you see cutting edge weather radar systems juxtaposed with oil rigs pump jacks? Getting a bit closer to the blue radome reveals some … Continue reading

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Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup

Quote of the Week: “The purpose of the ‘social cost of carbon’ (SCC) estimates presented here is to allow agencies to incorporate the social benefits of reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions into cost-benefit analyses of regulatory actions that have small, … Continue reading

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