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Another interesting sea ice interaction

Observing Arctic ice-edge plankton blooms from space False-colour satellite image of ice-edge phytoplankton blooms Ongoing climate-driven changes to the Arctic sea-ice could have a significant impact on the blooming of tiny planktonic plants (phytoplankton) with important implications for the Arctic … Continue reading

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The Empire Strikes Out

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I guess having electricity when you need it is sooooo last century … UK families will have to get used to “only using power when it was available”. That constant electricity at home was dangerous … Continue reading

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SDO getting an eclipse

I noticed this in our sidebar SDO solar image and grabbed it. It has happened before, last year.

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Bubbleheaded Barking Mad Met Office Modelers

From the organization that can’t forecast its way out of a paper bag, and then can’t bring itself to tell the public about long range forecasts anymore, it has come to this. OK, I’m not against citizen science, but when … Continue reading

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NASA’S Glory Satellite Fails To Reach Orbit

NASA reports that Glory, a satellite to monitor aerosols failed to reach orbit, apparently from a fairing that didn’t release. See update below on the massive budget overruns for this failed project. NASA’s announcement: NASA’s Glory spacecraft launched aboard a … Continue reading

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Weather Channel and Weather.com: the survey says…..

By Joseph D’Aleo, CCM, AMS Fellow, First Director of Meteorology at The Weather Channel Carl Parker, On Camera Meteorologist at the once watchable Weather Channel blogged a response dated March 3 to skeptic criticism of a recent post in which … Continue reading

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Negative water vapor feedback in plant evapotranspiration found

Rising CO2 is causing plants to release less water to the atmosphere, researchers say BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — As carbon dioxide levels have risen during the last 150 years, the density of pores that allow plants to breathe has dwindled by … Continue reading

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