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The day of the killed tomatoes

My local Wendy’s has a sign up saying tomatoes are scarce and will be offered only by request, and this is in California. So, this article by Marlo Lewis about sandwich shops in DC illustrates a nationwide effect. – Anthony … Continue reading

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Pining away about bugs and global warming

Cause and effect, or correlation not causation? Press release Via Eurekalert: Climate change causing demise of lodgepole pine in western North America CORVALLIS, Ore. – Lodgepole pine, a hardy tree species that can thrive in cold temperatures and plays a … Continue reading

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Visualizing the “Greenhouse Effect” – Atmospheric Windows

Guest post by Ira Glickstein A real greenhouse has windows. So does the Atmospheric “greenhouse effect”. They are similar in that they allow Sunlight in and restrict the outward flow of thermal energy. However, they differ in the mechanism. A … Continue reading

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Pielke Sr. on Zeke’s zinger

Guest post by Dr. Roger Pielke Senior Missing The Major Point Of “What Is Climate Sensitivity” There is a post by Zeke on Blackboard titled Agreeing [See also the post on Climate Etc  Agreeing(?)]. Zeke starts the post with the text “My … Continue reading

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Agreeable disagreement

Josh was inspired by posts from Zeke at Lucia’s and Judith Curry’s websites.

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It’s Not About Me

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach One response to Christopher Booker graciously mentioning my work in the Telegraph is the predictable increase in the usual personal attacks on me, as opposed to attacking my ideas and claims. People are rehashing Tim … Continue reading

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New Geomagnetism Reference Page

Adding to the growing collection of reference pages available on the drop down menu is the latest offering that display aspects of geomagnetism. This is helpful for people interested in Auroras or who want to monitor earthly effects from solar … Continue reading

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