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An Open Letter to Bruce Alberts of Science Magazine

In the February 11, 2011 issue of Science Magazine, an editorial called Making Data Maximally Available has announced a new policy regarding requirements for authors, from the pen of Bruce Alberts, the Editor-in-Chief and two Deputy Editors. Figure 1. Why … Continue reading

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Post Normal Ravetz Rumpus

Reply from Jerome Ravetz As usual I am nearly overwhelmed by these replies, and I only wish that I could respond to each of them. Let me try to handle some issues that came up repeatedly. First, we can find … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week – channeling George Carlin

Todd Wynn writes on his Facebook page:

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Joe Bastardi in Vanity Fair

This is a campy interview by Eric Spitznagel who runs “Awkward question time” at VF, is with our favorite forecaster, Joe Bastardi. Spitznagel was trying to make Joe look like some sort of WWF member (Not the fake wildlife crisis … Continue reading

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Friday Funny Double Feature

Today we have excellent joviality from Josh, plus some commercial video commentary on those poor souls in San Francisco that are about to deal with their first significant snow in quite a long time, which some will undoubtedly view as … Continue reading

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I wonder: do they even read their own press releases?

All these things happened before CO2, AGW, and worldwide worry wartism, and yet someday, somehow, we are warned, it will be worse, except that it isn’t likely. That and this zinger: “Climate models have yet to simulate the full scope … Continue reading

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Curry’s 2000 comment question: Can anyone defend “hide the decline”?

Guest post by Barry Woods (please bookmark his blog RealClimategate -Anthony) Judith Curry has tackled the ‘Hide the Decline’ issue at her blog Climate Etc.  The issue is that data was hidden from policymakers  (and the public) so not to … Continue reading

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Western voters mostly skeptical of global warming

This is interesting. The American Spectator tips us to this this poll, conducted under the auspices of Colorado College’s State of the Rockies project one in which most questions were designed to produce environmentalism-friendly results (of the “Do you favor … Continue reading

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Climate Craziness of the Week – Zero Carbon Living FAIL

Zero Carbon living…didn’t quite work out. Didn’t they do some calculations on this first? Sheesh.

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