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Wild Photos! cougars acting like a pride of lions

This is rather offbeat, but it does fit in with the “nature” and “puzzling things” portion of WUWT as indicated in the masthead. These photos were emailed to me by the former Butte County Sheriff, Mick Grey, whom I have … Continue reading

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The sound of ‘splode: volcanic frequency signature established

From Yale University and the University of British Columbia, an important step forward in being able to forecast explosive volcanic events. Before the explosion — volcano’s warning tremors explained New Haven, Ct. – No matter their size or shape, explosive … Continue reading

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Gore’s ex “climate community organizer” bails on DOE

American Thinker: Rats leaving sinking ship: DOE loses a crony capitalist With Republicans controlling the House of Representatives and able to subpoena officials, certain Obama administration officials are heading for the hills. The New York Times reports on the latest … Continue reading

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More proof that Kilimanjaro’s problems are man-made; but not what some think it is

More proof positive that land use change has more to do with Kilimanjaro’s diminishing snowfall (due to reduced evapotranspiraton of surrounding land) than climate change. But, will we ever see Al Gore or Dr. Lonnie Thompson say anything other than … Continue reading

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The Recent Drop In The Sea Surface Temperatures Of U.S. Coastal Waters

by Bob Tisdale This post illustrates the recent drop in the SST anomalies of the U.S. coastal waters. We’ll represent this subset with the coordinates of 20N-50N, 130W-65W. I’ve used those coordinates in at least one earlier post about the … Continue reading

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Electric Cars – it’s all about the battery

I own an electric car (on my second one now) that I use for around town. It’s fine for short jaunts, which is the majority of driving. However the limiting factor is of course the battery and the range associated … Continue reading

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George Mason University study figures out what I already knew: Climategate had a major impact on TV meteorologists

This piece of obvious research from George Mason University stems from the fact that almost every TV met takes in the entire newscast before going on the air, and if there was a Climategate related story, they’d see it. Combine … Continue reading

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Low snow in SFO – to be or not to be?

Is Al Gore at his Fisherman’s Wharf Condo? Our own Charles The Moderator sent me a query today, along with a link to this SFO Chron article about the possibility of snow down to sea level. It’s possible, and has … Continue reading

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