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Speaking of Gavin…

Update 5 pm Eastern: 1,000 comments on thread at http://judithcurry.com, and some very “feisty” discourse in this new era of civility. Since my post on the “RealClimate’s over-the-top response” of Gavin and the Team has been getting a lot of discussion, … Continue reading

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The U.N., failing to convince the world, turns to Hollywood on global warming

February 22, 2011: “Global warming: The United Nations courts Tinseltown“, Los Angeles Times, California, U.S.A. “Now the beleaguered multi-national agency, fresh from a disappointing round of climate negotiations in Cancun, wants something more concrete: actual story lines in movies, television … Continue reading

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RealClimate’s over-the-top response

Gavin must be having a bad hair day, because this headline is most certainly over the top: Now compare the headline to the letter that was sent, bold emphasis mine:

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NYC’s seasonal snowfall: 3rd largest on record

New York City Seasonal Snowfall Now 3rd Greatest in the Record (since 1868); Frigid Moscow Guest post by Joseph D’Aleo, CCM New York City metro area after a welcome thaw late last week, saw cold return this weekend and then … Continue reading

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Climate change in the Pacific Northwest: still happening after all these years

From the University of Pittsburgh, refreshingly, no mention of AGW in this latest paper. Why, it’s almost as if, these extreme climate shifts occurred….naturally. 6,000-year climate record suggests longer droughts, drier climate for Pacific Northwest Pitt-led team used a sediment … Continue reading

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Climate Bloodhounds

Steve McIntyre is blogging again. This time it is about a little noticed Climategate email where Dr. Raymond Bradley disses skeptics as being too unsophisticated to be able to figure out what was withheld. I agree with Steve, when he … Continue reading

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Theory: Climate change to affect food safety

I suppose it’s a toss up between “do you want fries with that?” and all the food content danger it implies, or the chance that you’ll get moldy or infected food. Our society has made great advances in food safety … Continue reading

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6.3 quake in Christchurch, NZ, 65 deaths reported

Note aftershocks ranging from  5.6 to 4.5 have also been felt in the last few hours. Here is a list of quakes. We wish our Kiwi friends well, and hope that the quake is not as bad as first reports … Continue reading

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