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The first global scale polluters – plankton

The EPA could have regulated these little suckers right out of existence for changing the balance of the atmosphere. From the National Science Foundation and Ohio State University: Plankton key to origin of Earth’s first breathable atmosphere COLUMBUS, Ohio – … Continue reading

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Joe Bastardi resigns at Accuweather after 32 years

From Joe Bastardi’s Fan Page at Facebook: Farewell to Joe Bastardi who has left AccuWeather after a distinguished 32-year career. We appreciate Joe’s dedicated service to our clients over these many years and wish him luck with all his endeavors. … Continue reading

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Windows 7 64 bit; now even suckier

UPDATE: 2/22 I’ve solved the problem, I’ll have a complete report in a day or two to help others that might be up against what I was. I’ll offer a complete “how to”. – Anthony This is just a short … Continue reading

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Ravetz on Lisbon and leading the way

Guest post by Dr. Jerome Ravetz While the micro-bureaucracy of the Lisbon workshop bureaucracy grinds its way towards the release of a statement, I realise that the time is long overdue for me to touch base at WUWT. After all, … Continue reading

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NOAA’s CSI explains record snows: global warming not involved

This analysis from NOAA’s Climate Scene Investigators (CSI) shows that there’s no historical signature which would implicate a human fingerprint, or as they say: Specifically, they wanted to know if human-induced global warming could have caused the snowstorms due to … Continue reading

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An analysis of Australian rural vs non-rural stations’ temperature trends

Guest post by Mike Jonas   Temperature change in Australia The rates of temperature change in Australia at rural and non-rural weather stations are compared. Over those periods in which there were increasing temperatures, the rural stations appear to have … Continue reading

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