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NASA’s Hathaway revises the sunspot prediction down again

From the Marshall Space Flight Center, Dr. Hathaway’s page: Current prediction for the next sunspot cycle maximum gives a smoothed sunspot number maximum of about 58 in July of 2013. We are currently two years into Cycle 24 and the … Continue reading

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NASA climate programs being eyed for the budget axe

NASA spent over a billion dollars last year on climate change studies…which would you rather have? Pronouncements about death trains, expert testimony for climate vandals, failed predictions, failed models, and a questionable GISTEMP dataset, or a continued manned spaceflight program? … Continue reading

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Stronger FOIA law now under review in Virginia

ATI Praises VA House Passage of Strengthened FOIA Law FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, February 9, 2011 The American Tradition Institute today praised yesterday’s passage of a stronger Freedom of Information Act law in the Commonwealth of Virginia’s House of Delegates, … Continue reading

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Arctic “death spiral” actually more like “zombie ice”

From the AGU Journal Highlights, some news that NSIDC’s “death spiral” has zombie like characteristics, and that the ice may quickly return from the dead, even if the Arctic turned ice free during summer. Nature is more resilient it seems, … Continue reading

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Extreme Nonsense by Krugman

Guest post by Indur M. Goklany 1. Krugman in Gradual Changes and Extreme Events forgets that there is a threshold on the left hand side, below which cold kills. In fact, in the moderate to higher latitudes more people die … Continue reading

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