It’s official: the Gore-Olbermann channel lives

I mentioned yesterday as it was a rumor, today it’s a fact. Al Gore says so on his blog. Keith Olbermann to Host Major New Nightly Primetime News and Commentary Show on Current TV From Current TV: “Keith Olbermann, the acclaimed broadcaster and writer whose verbal pyrotechnics and moral passion have outraged, informed, and dazzled…

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Antarctic related warming

Josh at writes: This story exploded on the blogs yesterday, 7th Feb 2011, at Climate Audit, BishopHill, WUWT, The Blackboard and elsewhere. Can I summarise it? Well I will try… but in cartoons. So more to come:

Rebuttal to the Climate Rapid Response Team

WUWT readers may recall this story: Pielke Sr. on the gang of 18 letter to congress Now, other scientists have seen that 18, and raised the stakes. Their letter is below: February 8, 2011 To the Members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate: In reply to “The Importance of Science in Addressing…