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Gore and Olbermann, a match made in…

From Hot Air, just a rumor at the moment: NYT: Olbermann to join … Al Gore’s Current TV posted at 9:43 pm on February 7, 2011 by Allahpundit  Unconfirmed thus far, but the Times hears buzz. Two words: “equity stake.” … Continue reading

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Jeff Id was trying to defend his paper on Antarctica (O’Donnell et al) at Real Climate. This is what he got for his trouble. Red lines mine.

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Global Warming is a Pussy Cat

Guest post by Ira Glickstein Thanks to WUWT readers who posted estimates of how much of the supposed 0.8ºC Global Warming since 1880 was due to Data Bias, Natural Cycles, and AGW (human-caused warming). I am happy with the results … Continue reading

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RC’s duplicity prods Jeff Id out of retirement

Jeff asked me to carry this, since his blog is off the radar since he announced his retirement. It took an RC moment to change that. – Anthony Wrong is Wrong – A reply to the Real Noise at Real Climate … Continue reading

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Climate expert Paul Krugman loses perspective

Roger Pielke Jr. has a nice, short post in reaction to Paul Krugman’s opinion in the NY Times blaming climate change for the unrest in Egypt… Go read –> Roger Pielke Jr. Addendum comments by Dr. Ryan N. Maue Based … Continue reading

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On the “Magnetic polar shifts cause massive global super storms” story

I’ve been avoiding this story (Magnetic polar shifts cause massive global super storms) for awhile, hoping it would simply die, but people keep asking me about it, and I see it appearing on other blogs, so I suppose I’ll have … Continue reading

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For the first time ever, we can image the sun in 360°

Latest image of the far side of the Sun based on high resolution STEREO data, taken on February 2, 2011 at 23:56 UT when there was still a small gap between the STEREO Ahead and Behind data. This gap will … Continue reading

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