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RSS global temp drops, version change adjusts cooler post 1998

Remote Sensing Systems of Santa Rosa, CA has published the January 2011 global temperature anomaly. It is not far from zero, and dropped quickly much like Dr. Roy Spencer’s UAH data this month. But, there’s a surprise. RSS has changed … Continue reading

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The Temperature claims of 2010

By Dr. David Whitehouse, The Global Warming Policy Foundation Now that the relevant data for the temperature of the Earth’s surface for the past year are available, it is instructive to examine the claims made by some that it was … Continue reading

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Has the BBC broken faith with the General Public?

Guest Post by Barry Woods It is my opinion that the BBC in broadcasting the BBC 2 Horizon program ‘Science Under Attack’ did not treat the general public in the UK and at least one of the interviewees with the ‘good faith’ that … Continue reading

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Obama administration ruled in contempt on drill ban

Excerpt from Bloomberg: U.S. in Contempt Over Gulf Drill Ban, Judge Rules By Laurel Brubaker Calkins – Feb 3, 2011 11:53 AM PT The Obama Administration acted in contempt by continuing its deepwater-drilling moratorium after the policy was struck down, … Continue reading

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The Almost Friday Funny

Josh from cartoonsbyjosh.com writes in that the emperor of the recent AMS convention has a new wardrobe…

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Great moments in snow removal

With Chicago, New York, and Boston buried, they are trying the best they can to get the city out from under the thick blanket of snow, this well known satirical image of Al Gore using a flamethrower comes to mind: … Continue reading

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Tisdale tasks Tamino

Comments On Tamino’s AMO Post by Bob Tisdale Tamino’s AMO post is a response to my post Removing The Effects of Natural Variables – Multiple Linear Regression-Based or “Eyeballed” Scaling Factors (hereinafter referred to as the “Removing” post). Tamino took … Continue reading

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Chicago snow 2011 and 1967 – global warming then too?

Here’s the national snow depth, Chicago has between 20-30 inches of snow by this map: Source: http://www.nohrsc.nws.gov/nsa/ Dr. Richard Keen writes in an email: I was a college student in Chicago for the 1967 Big Snow, so here’s a couple … Continue reading

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Sea Ice News #34

It has been awhile since I posted a  Sea Ice News. This one is a two parter. NSIDC’s Monthly Sea Ice News comes first, followed by some images and content I find interesting. Kudos to NSIDC for flagging the AO … Continue reading

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New journal from Nature – “Nature Climate Change”

If you are interested, click the free subscription bar image above to start the subscription process. Further along, it gets interesting. I thought this page querying what online climate news sources you read was pretty telling:

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