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The approach of Cyclone Yasi as told by the data

In our previous post, we highlighted the BoM weather station on Willis Island, and wondered what would happen to it and to the staff who worked there. Fortunately the staff has been evacuated prior to Yasi hitting the island. They … Continue reading

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Australia braces for Cyclone Yasi as it hits Category 5

UPDATE: Live The last radar image from Willis Island added below. The last radar image is truly striking. Also, see below for the differences between the Australia hurricane scale and the familiar Saffir-Simpson scale used in the USA. They are … Continue reading

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Snow job: Gore channels liberal columnist as proof of global warming fueled blizzards

Dr. Ryan N. Maue Comments in addition to Previous Post… Time to build another igloo, this time in Oklahoma:  Al Gore finally responds to a question about global warming fueled snowstorms, and who does he cite?  Clarence Page at the … Continue reading

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The Goreacle: Snowstorms caused by global warming

Here Al Gore responds to Bill O’Reilly of Fox News on his blog: An Answer for Bill February 1, 2011 : 11:43 AM Last week on his show Bill O’Reilly asked, “Why has southern New York turned into the tundra?” … Continue reading

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Snowzilla and the Yeti Yasi

We have Snowzilla in the USA… …and Yasi in Oz. Crikey! Look at the size of this thing a day ago: Jo Nova has a size comparison for the present. To give you some idea of just how expansive Yasi … Continue reading

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BBC’s Roger Harrabin responds

After the revelation: The Met office and the BBC- caught cold that the Met office had issued a forecast to the UK Cabinet office, and that forecast didn’t contain much of anything useful, the least of which was any solid prediction … Continue reading

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Met Office steps in it again

From Autonomous mind, a public relations train wreck: A Freedom of Information request submitted to the Met Office by Autonomous Mind reveals the Met Office did not tell the truth when it said it had scrapped its seasonal forecast. Despite … Continue reading

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Pakistan floods last summer could have been predicted

Peter Webster at Georgia Tech is a colleague of Dr. Judith Curry. Data generated by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasting (ECMWF) in late July 2010 indicated imminent, extreme precipitation over Pakistan. Click here to see ECMWF Extreme Forecast … Continue reading

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BBC4′s “Meet the Skeptics”

Lord Monckton is rather upset with the producers of this show, so much that he filed a legal action for a right of reply according to Bishop Hill. I was interviewed (captured really, they flagged me down in the conference … Continue reading

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