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The day of the killed tomatoes

My local Wendy’s has a sign up saying tomatoes are scarce and will be offered only by request, and this is in California. So, this article by Marlo Lewis about sandwich shops in DC illustrates a nationwide effect. – Anthony … Continue reading

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Pining away about bugs and global warming

Cause and effect, or correlation not causation? Press release Via Eurekalert: Climate change causing demise of lodgepole pine in western North America CORVALLIS, Ore. – Lodgepole pine, a hardy tree species that can thrive in cold temperatures and plays a … Continue reading

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Visualizing the “Greenhouse Effect” – Atmospheric Windows

Guest post by Ira Glickstein A real greenhouse has windows. So does the Atmospheric “greenhouse effect”. They are similar in that they allow Sunlight in and restrict the outward flow of thermal energy. However, they differ in the mechanism. A … Continue reading

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Pielke Sr. on Zeke’s zinger

Guest post by Dr. Roger Pielke Senior Missing The Major Point Of “What Is Climate Sensitivity” There is a post by Zeke on Blackboard titled Agreeing [See also the post on Climate Etc  Agreeing(?)]. Zeke starts the post with the text “My … Continue reading

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Agreeable disagreement

Josh was inspired by posts from Zeke at Lucia’s and Judith Curry’s websites.

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It’s Not About Me

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach One response to Christopher Booker graciously mentioning my work in the Telegraph is the predictable increase in the usual personal attacks on me, as opposed to attacking my ideas and claims. People are rehashing Tim … Continue reading

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New Geomagnetism Reference Page

Adding to the growing collection of reference pages available on the drop down menu is the latest offering that display aspects of geomagnetism. This is helpful for people interested in Auroras or who want to monitor earthly effects from solar … Continue reading

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Nero’s thumb: now in comments

UPDATE: This feature has two undesirable side effects: 1) significantly increased load times for post pages 2) it puts thumbs up/down on all old posts, not just posts going forward, so not only does it add load times to those, … Continue reading

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Snow in Saratoga

“A veritable dusting” as Time says of Friday’s snow in San Francisco (“the first snow in 35 years“), but that was at 900 feet (in the Twin Peaks neighborhood). Here’s a picture I just got from some friends on the … Continue reading

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WUWT – Voted Best Science Blog in the 2011 Bloggies

UPDATE: It is official now, here’s a screencap from the Bloggies page: I really like the fact that they used a thermometer in the design. =============================================================== This was truly surprising. According to the Bloggies Facebook page, WUWT has been named … Continue reading

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Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup

Quote of the Week: “Give me a faster computer and I will give you the wrong result sooner.” Malcolm Ross upon reading that the MET Office claimed that it failed to predict the cold December and January in Britain because … Continue reading

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Ancient natural global warming

Arctic environment during an ancient bout of natural global warming Scientists are unravelling the environmental changes that took place around the Arctic during an exceptional episode of ancient global warming. Newly published results from a high-resolution study of sediments collected … Continue reading

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Willis hits the news stands in London

Christopher Booker’s Telegraph column used Willis Eschenbach’s recent Open Letter to Nature as the basis for the Sunday column: Booker writes:

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The code of Nature: making authors part with their programs

Guest post by Shub Niggurath However, as it is now often practiced, one can make a good case that computing is the last refuge of the scientific scoundrel. —Randall LeVeque Some backstory first A very interesting editorial has appeared recently … Continue reading

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Hard Freeze: California Wine Country

I mentioned earlier today that my friend Jan Null, former lead forecaster for the NWS in San Francisco and now operator of Golden Gate Weather Service pointed out that a number of cold records were set overnight. Looks like we … Continue reading

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We had to nuke the planet to save it from global warming

Eric Nielsen writes to me via Facebook: I find it disturbing the National Geographic would suggest something like this Well, um, yeah. This sort of thing is why I don’t subscribe to National Geographic anymore. Could there ever be a … Continue reading

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New record low temperatures in San Francisco Bay area

Jan Null of Golden Gate Weather writes: Based on hourly weather observations a number of minimum temperature records were either set or tied in the Bay Area this morning.

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John Coleman on the state of global warming

Guest post by John Coleman There is a story I heard that I keep thinking about. It really underlines the problem I have in trying to counter the bad science behind the global warming scare predictions. So here is the … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Bruce Alberts of Science Magazine

In the February 11, 2011 issue of Science Magazine, an editorial called Making Data Maximally Available has announced a new policy regarding requirements for authors, from the pen of Bruce Alberts, the Editor-in-Chief and two Deputy Editors. Figure 1. Why … Continue reading

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Post Normal Ravetz Rumpus

Reply from Jerome Ravetz As usual I am nearly overwhelmed by these replies, and I only wish that I could respond to each of them. Let me try to handle some issues that came up repeatedly. First, we can find … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week – channeling George Carlin

Todd Wynn writes on his Facebook page:

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Joe Bastardi in Vanity Fair

This is a campy interview by Eric Spitznagel who runs “Awkward question time” at VF, is with our favorite forecaster, Joe Bastardi. Spitznagel was trying to make Joe look like some sort of WWF member (Not the fake wildlife crisis … Continue reading

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Friday Funny Double Feature

Today we have excellent joviality from Josh, plus some commercial video commentary on those poor souls in San Francisco that are about to deal with their first significant snow in quite a long time, which some will undoubtedly view as … Continue reading

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I wonder: do they even read their own press releases?

All these things happened before CO2, AGW, and worldwide worry wartism, and yet someday, somehow, we are warned, it will be worse, except that it isn’t likely. That and this zinger: “Climate models have yet to simulate the full scope … Continue reading

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Curry’s 2000 comment question: Can anyone defend “hide the decline”?

Guest post by Barry Woods (please bookmark his blog RealClimategate -Anthony) Judith Curry has tackled the ‘Hide the Decline’ issue at her blog Climate Etc.  The issue is that data was hidden from policymakers  (and the public) so not to … Continue reading

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Western voters mostly skeptical of global warming

This is interesting. The American Spectator tips us to this this poll, conducted under the auspices of Colorado College’s State of the Rockies project one in which most questions were designed to produce environmentalism-friendly results (of the “Do you favor … Continue reading

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Climate Craziness of the Week – Zero Carbon Living FAIL

Zero Carbon living…didn’t quite work out. Didn’t they do some calculations on this first? Sheesh.

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Inspector General Finds NOAA Climategate Emails Warranted “Further Investigation”

As usual, the mainstream media reads and reports only the summary page and so assumed NOAA is cleared of all wrongdoing. But there is a lot more to this story. And it isn’t over yet. Senator Inhofe Press Release (source … Continue reading

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More from Jerome Ravetz: Response to Willis

Guest Post by Jerome Ravetz First, let me respond to Willis. I owe him a huge apology. Yes, I was reading his mind, when I had a vivid memory of some strong statements he made about Judith. Checking those, I … Continue reading

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POLL and CONTEST: San Francisco Snow- How long before it gets connected to “global warming, climate change, climate disruption”?

Ah you know its coming, both the snow and the blame game. Here’s a NWS/NOAA graphic you don’t see very often: The forecasts say snow possibly down to sea level, or very close. I’m betting we’ll see at least snow … Continue reading

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Nature Magazine’s Folie à Deux, Part Deux

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Well, in my last post I thought that I had seen nature at its worst … Nature Magazine, that is. But now I’ve had a chance to look at the other paywalled Nature paper in … Continue reading

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A microbe albedo effect for ocean sunlight absorption

From MIT, something surprising. Like alignment of iron atoms in a magnet, microbes in seawater can align and change the albedo. It makes me wonder how much seawater can be warming by light absorption in ENSO events, which change currents. … Continue reading

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Request for Assistance In Assessing an Important Sea Level Study

Note:John Droz asked me for help with research yesterday, and while I have no time at the moment, I did suggest he contact Bob Tisdale, and this is the result. In an effort to get him some help, I present … Continue reading

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NASA’s Glory Climate Mission Hits a Snag

The story below was released yesterday, but the mission has already been postponed once, and, twice. Taurus Delay Extended: 2/23/2011 – VANDENBERG AFB, Calif. — The Taurus launch scheduled for 2:09 a.m. (PST), Feb. 24, has been delayed due to technical issues. The … Continue reading

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Carbon Trading: on in Australia, off in New Hampshire

Australia appears to be ready to run down the Carbon Rabbit Hole, from the WUWT Tips and Notes page Richard says: February 23, 2011 at 7:20 pm A PRICE is set to be put on carbon from July 1, 2012, … Continue reading

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